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The portal, the result of decades of experience in the industrial re-marketing sector, is now a solid online reality able to offer a wide range of lots, divided into multiple categories: from industrial vehicles to earthmoving, from industrial machinery for specific sectors to nautical and art.
Through a tested and intuitive participation system, it allows its users to compete safely in the awarding of goods, guaranteeing qualified assistance at every step of the sale

The portal was born as a natural vertical development of the real estate sector in the context of the experience gained with The specificities of the real estate sector have made it necessary to implement a dedicated web project, in which demand and supply of real estate meet through our specialized mediation. is today a functional website with an attractive design, which aims to become a qualified support for private and judicial sales on the one hand, a reference point for all subjects, companies and individuals, in search of real estates..



Our portals are simple, clear and convenient platforms: they allow you to find real opportunities and receive targeted communications on assets of interest to you. Just register by specifying the categories for which you want to receive updates!


Gobid International Auction Group Srl acts as a specialized subject pursuant to art. 107 L.F., is therefore a reliable and consolidated reality with decades of experience in the telematic sales sector. During the process of participating in online sales all personal data and every aspect of the path are strictly confidential, protected and monitored by a staff of professionals able to guarantee maximum assistance at any time.. numbers

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The structure

Our company boasts a qualified team of professional who manages and coordinates all the sale process phases and acts as a qualified and competent subject.

We rely on an organized structure having area managers present throughout Italy, with support and logistics experts.

Both teams cooperate in order to reach a final goal: optimize the value of the goods by the online auction sale.



October 2012

Launch of the portal

From the experience in the industrial remarketing sector of our corporate group, “” project was born, the portal dedicated to the sale of movable goods belonging to multiple categories that aims to become a reference point for buyers and a valid support for the sales people.


September 2014

Widespread presence in the territory

The auction house works extensively with courts distributed throughout Italy thanks to a network of professionals and collaborators, in addition to strengthening its sales experience in specific sectors such as boating and mechanics..


July 2016

Launch of the portal

The experience gained as online auction specialists has allowed us to develop a completely verticalized project on real estate assets by structuring a dedicated team. Thus was born, a platform aimed at real estate in all its variants: residential, industrial and commercial and more..


December 2016

Subscription as legal advertising sites

The regulatory situation in which our core business is framed requires us to constantly adapt to the ultimate aim of guaranteeing the updating of our services. On December 2, 2016 we get the registration in section A of the list of websites managed by the subjects possessing the professional requisites in accordance to art. 3 and 4 of the Ministerial Decree October 31, 2006..


Ottobre 2017

ISubscription as telematic sales manager

TThrough PDG of 19.10.2017 our platforms and obtain the subscription in the Register of Telematic Sales Managers for all the Italian Court of Appeal districts, thanks to the development of interoperable software with the Sales Portal Public..


January 2018

Graphic restyle

After years of business consolidation and online auction sales, the platform has changed its look through the introduction of new features designed on the basis of user needs.


June 2019

Graphic and functional restyle

The platform dedicated to real estate changes its look through a graphic and functional restructuring completely designed to make the navigation experience of the assets as simple and relevant as possible.


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