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Building area in Veronella (VR)


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Building area in Veronella (VR), Via Alberazzi


The area is registered at Land Registry of City of Veronella at sheet 18:

Parcel540–541–542–590–734–1310–1311–1315–1316–1320–1323 Properties for 100/100
Parcel 1261–1262–1326 Properties for 30/30
Parcel192–194–198–1244–1308–1313–1318–1321–1324–1327 - 190 Properties for 17/19
The buildings are registered at Real Estate Registry of City of Veronella at sheet 18:
Parcel 210 - Category A/4 - Surface 174 sqm - Ruin
Parcel 210 - Category C/6 - Surface 12 sqm - Ruin
Parcel 226 - Category C/2 - Surface 12 sqm - Ruin

The building area in question is located close to the center of Veronella in an urbanized area complete with all the infrastructures.

The building permits have expired.
The area falls within the Z.T.O. C1/3 - Current residential - of the General Town Plan.

It should be noted that the cancellation costs of any liens are borne by the buyer.

For further information consult attached appraisal and documention.
It is also possible to request further documentation at e-mail pec adress

The gathering will be done using the following modes:

All bidders, except the subjects by law not allowed to take part in the gathering, after having joined the site, will fill in the offer form (published online) and send it undersigned for acceptance of the conditions proposed, at the following address in conjunction with the documents required.
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Suspended Lot for

Reserve price

Bid increment € 1.000,00

Buyer's Premium 5,00 %

Deposit: € 3.500,00

VAT on the lot 22,00 %where applicable


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