19879: ICP - Ricerca affittuari Immobile e beni mobili a Modica (RG)



Auction timing

Starts : Mon 18/09/2023 at 12:00
Ends : Tue 03/10/2023 at 12:00

Viewing conditions:
All lots viewings must be booked. Please contact:  info@gorealbid.it – tel +39.0737.782080


The present gathering is subject to a mandatory deposit of 10% of price offered.

Deposit has to be paid in one of the following ways:
1- Via bank transfer to the following account:

Agenzia di Fabriano
ABI: 01030
CAB: 21100

IBAN: IT 43 K 01030 21100 000000414486  

The procedure for identifying the tenant will take place under the following conditions:
The lease of the business unit will be in the factual and legal state in which the assets that compose it are located, therefore, the guarantee for defects will not be found and cannot be challenged due to injury. (Art. 2922 of the Italian Civil Code).
Consequently, the existence of any defects or lack of quality or discrepancies in the assets of the rented business unit cannot give rise to compensation, indemnity or price reduction.
It is the precise responsibility of the subjects who intend to participate in the auction to first examine the status, in fact and by law, of the individual assets that make up the company branches (furniture and real estate), as well as the contractual relationships in place (including those of the employees currently in force in the company branches), reiterating that, in any case, the company branches are sold as seen, evaluated, known and accepted by the Lessee, who, by participating in the auction, expressly declares to have them carefully evaluated and to have found them perfectly suitable for their intended use and to your full satisfaction; therefore, any liability of the company that owns the company branches, its successors in title and GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP Srl is expressly excluded, with reference to any asset making up the company branches subject to the auction, including the existence of any rights of third parties on the leased business unit (Article 2920 of the Italian Civil Code).
The leasing of the company takes place with the obligation of the successful bidder to ascertain the conformity of the assets constituting the company with the safety regulations.
Viewing, therefore, is recommended.
The identification of the person with whom to enter into the rental contract of the business unit will be carried out with the formula of the competitive online auction through the website www.gorealbid.it in the manner established below.
To participate in the auction, the interested user will be asked to register first on the website www.gorealbid.it and then for the single reference auction, expressly accepting the General Conditions and the Specific Conditions. The data entered by the subject when registering on the site and at auctions will be the same to whom the award will eventually be attributed and to whom the business branch rental agreement will be made out.
The registered user will then be required to pay the security deposit required exclusively by bank transfer for an amount equal to 10% of the aforementioned base price in the manner specified in the conditions published on the lot sheet on the website www.gorealbid.it. The deposit must be strictly credited before the end of the auction, unless otherwise indicated in the specific conditions published on the lot sheet.
In addition, to be enabled, the bidder must send an accounting copy of the transfer made by email to the pec address gorealbid@pec.it together with the documentation requested below.
If the bidder is an INDIVIDUAL:
- Copy of a valid identity document of the person to whom the rental contract will be made out (it will not be possible to make the contract name of a person other than the one who is registering and registering for the auction)
- Copy of the tax code
If the bidder is a LEGAL PERSON:
- updated certificate of incorporation or C.C.I.A.A.
- Copy of a valid identity document of the person participating in the auction representing the company and, in the case of a person other than the legal representative, copy of the deed showing the related powers
- Copy of the tax code of the person participating in the auction
- Any duly legalized translation of the chamber's certificate, if the company is not Italian
- Special power of attorney received or authenticated by the notary, in case of participation through a representative.
Where required by specific conditions, additional documents will be requested which will be integrated with the aforementioned.
The offer for the lease of a business unit by auction is irrevocable by law.
The combined provision of the credit of the security deposit, of the formalization of the registration for the auction - with express acceptance of the general and specific conditions, published online on www.gorealbid.it - ​​and of the sending by the user of the entire supporting documentation, as specified above, will be considered equivalent to an irrevocable offer for the rental of the business unit at the price set as the auction base and will itself constitute a binding commitment on the part of the user to stipulate the relative rental contract.
This offer will be formalized on the platform directly by Gobid International Auction Group Srl by online bidding, on behalf of the first user who has completed the improvement procedure described above.
If there are more participants who have formalized their irrevocable offer, according to the methods described above, and none of the bidders makes a raise on the Platform, the highest bidder and, therefore, provisional bidder, will be the one who, first, in order of time:
- will have carried out the aforementioned procedure.
Gobid International Auction Group Srl will take care to inform all bidders in any way whatsoever of whether or not they are the best bidders when formalizing the aforementioned irrevocable bid.
Subsequent offers, to be valid, must exceed the best offer received, by an amount at least equal to the minimum raise and be received within the deadline for the end of the tender. They will be formalized directly by the user enabled on the www.gorealbid.it platform.
The bets placed are binding and constitute a formal commitment to stipulate the rental contract which is the subject of this procedure.
At the end of the tender, the provisional winner will be the one who presented the best valid offer within the deadline for the end of the tender or the extension period.
In the event of a single bid, the (provisional) award will be made to the only bidder.
It should be noted that the stipulation of the rental contract is subject to certification of the state of degradation of the asbestos roofing characterizing the roofing of the warehouses. The aforementioned certification will be the responsibility of the successful tenderer and in its absence the stipulation of the same will not be completed and the related cost will not be reimbursed by the procedure.
In the event of default, the provisional successful bidder will be declared forfeited from the award, the deposit will be retained as a compensation penalty and the same award will be attributed indefinitely to the next highest bidder. In this case, the original successful bidder may be sentenced to pay the difference with respect to the price of the second / subsequent award.
If no further irrevocable bids are received, the lot will be returned to auction.
Participants in the auction who are not awarded the deposit will be returned within 20 working days of the auction deadline, without interest.
Auction fees (Buyer's Premium) equal to 7% plus VAT will be charged to the successful bidder to be calculated on the resulting half yearly fee at the time of the award at the end of the competitive tender no later than 10 days

VAT application may vary according to law depending on the awarding subject and will be calculated on the awarding price and added to it. (where applicable)

In case of insurgency of  any controversy related to the interpretation of the dispositions included in the general and specific terms present in the website  translated in different languages, it will be applied the Italian language version of such texts

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