19260: VILLA DEL QUAR - Villa rinascimentale a San Pietro in Cariano (VR)


Auction timing

Starts : Tue 18/07/2023 at 15:30
Ends : Thu 05/10/2023 at 15:30

Viewing conditions:
All lots viewings must be booked. Please contact:  info@gorealbid.it – tel +39.0737.782080


The present auction is subject to a deposit of  EUR 0,00.

Deposit has to be paid in one of the following ways:
1- Via bank transfer to the Procedure following account:

Agenzia di Verona Corso Nuovo

IBAN: IT45C0569611700000004188X58  
assigned to  FALLIMENTO N. 169/2021 - TRIBUNALE DI VERONA

In case of non-awarding of the good, the deposit will be returned within 25 working days from the auction deadline, without interest.
If the lot is awarded, the security deposit will be retained by the procedure as an advance on the sale price.

Lots Availability
Any registration related to mortgages and to preemption rights, registration of foreclosures and seizes, or any other tie falling on the lots on sale will be cancelled complying to art. 108 Bankruptcy Law (Legge Fallimentare) once the sale will be completed and the price will be fully collected. Any formalities for cancellation will be on buyer's expenses.

To this end, the Mandator will take charge of notifying the Delegated Judge so that the magistrate provides for the cancellation of the prejudicial transcriptions and registrations on the properties subject to transfer pursuant to art. 108 bankruptcy law

For further information relating to any abuses, violations, encumbrances or lack of conformity with the regulations in force of the lots for sale, please refer to the attached appraisal, including the specific indication of existing violations of any nature, including those relating to urban planning discrepancies, construction, cadastral and securities.

Payment deadline
Awarded lots have to be paid in full by Bank transfer within 90 days from the provisional awarding or by cashier's check in the notarial deed, to be paid within 90 days of the end of the sale.

Buyer's premium due (plus VAT) has to be paid within 15 days from awarding.

Fees and expenses related to sale on buyer's expense (law fees, notarial fees, fiscal and non fiscal fees) have to be paid in full  within 90 days from the provisional awarding.

Buyer's Premium
A percentage of 1,50% charge + VAT will be added to the price of each awarded lot also in case of offers received related to art. 107 L.F (Bankruptcy Law). 

Lot VAT: 
VAT application may vary according to law depending on the awarding subject and will be calculated on the awarding price and added to it. (where applicable)

In case of insurgency of  any controversy related to the interpretation of the dispositions included in the general and specific terms present in the website  translated in different languages, it will be applied the Italian language version of such texts

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