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Auction timing

Starts : Wed 15/06/2022 at 12:00
Ends : Fri 15/07/2022 at 12:00

Viewing conditions:
All lots viewings must be booked. Please contact:  info@gorealbid.it – tel +39.0737.782080


The present auction is subject to a deposit of  EUR 0,00.

Deposit has to be paid in one of the following ways:
1- Via bank transfer to the following account:

Agenzia di Fabriano
ABI: 01030
CAB: 21100

IBAN: IT 43 K 01030 21100 000000414486  

Balance deposit modalities by Buyer

In the event of awarding, sum paid as a security deposit will be withheld until sale is completed with property transfer to be carried out by notarial deed, according to procedures and timing established by judicial liquidator.
Deposit of balance of award price must be made on current account indicated by procedure not later than 120 days from provisional awarding.
At same time, and in any case not later than the date fixed for property transfer, successful tenderer must pay sums to pay fees (fiscal and non-fiscal fees, law taxes), in addition to Buyer's Premium.
In the event of non-compliance, successful tenderer will be deemed to have fallen back from awarding, security deposit will be retained in fine and original contractor may be sentenced to pay difference with respect to price of subsequent awarding (Article 587 of "Codice Procedura Civile"), and lot will be returned for sale, if no further irrevocable purchase offers are received, or in case of other offers will be awarded to the next best bidder.
Buyer's Premium expenses must be paid within 30 days from awarding.

Buyer's Premium
A percentage % charge + VAT will be added to the price of each awarded lot also in case of offers received related to art. 107 L.F (Bankruptcy Law). 
The above mentioned percentage charge will be applied according to the modes shown in the following table:

From - to € 0,00 € 200.000,00 5%
From - to € 200.001,00 € 500.000,00 4%
From - to € 500.001,00 € 1.000.000,00 3%
Beyond € 1.000.001,00   2%

The calculation base of Buyer's Premium is divided into different staggers each one corresponding to a rate decreasing when staggers increase.
For each awarding price, the corresponding Buyers' Premium will be given by the sum of the commissions calculated on the referring stagger, according to the modes indicated in the table above.

Value Added Tax at a rate 22,00%  will be calculated on the awarding price and added to it. (where applicable). VAT application may vary according to law depending on the awarding subject

Other General Dispositions

Property transfer will take place only after full payment of awarding price and fees, including those relating to Buyer's Premium, with Judge Transfer Decree, that will order cancellation of all mortgage registrations and all registrations on property.
The sale takes place in the state of fact and law in which the goods are located, with all the pertinences, accessions, reasons and actions, active and passive servitudes.
The sale is a full and non-customary measure: any measurement differences can not give rise to any compensation, indemnity or price reduction.
Forced sale is not subject to warranty or lack of quality warranty and can not be revoked for any reason.
Consequently, the existence of any defects, lack of quality or dissimilarity of the sold thing, charges of any kind - including, for example, urban planning or resulting from the need to adapt plants to existing laws, condominium expenses for the current year And the previous year not paid by the debtor - for any reason not considered, though occult and in any case not highlighted in the expertise, can not give rise to any compensation, compensation or reduction of the price, as this is taken into account in the valuation of the goods.
The property is sold free of mortgage registrations and transcripts of foreclosures. If existing at the time of sale, any registrations and will be canceled on buyer's expenses.
If the property is occupied by the debtor or third parties with or without title, the release of the property will be carried out by the curator.
Notarial fees, law taxes and all the other expenses related to the sale, fiscal or not (except those above-mentioned), will be on buyer's expense.
For all what is not foreseen here, law rules in force are applied.

In case of insurgency of  any controversy related to the interpretation of the dispositions included in the general and specific terms present in the website  translated in different languages, it will be applied the Italian language version of such texts

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