10360: Auto parts warehouse - Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda - Bank n. 1522/2018 - Madrid Law Court n° 9 - Sale 4


Auction timing: 

Starts: Tue 23/02/2021 at 12:00
Ends: Fri 26/03/2021 at 12:00

Viewing conditions:

Viewing time:

by appointment

All lots viewings must be booked. Please contact:

info@gobid.es - tel +34.611.40.96.87

info@gobid.it – tel +39.0737.782080

Payment condition: 


The present auction is subject to a deposit of EUR 4.600,00

In order to enable the user's participation, deposit has to be paid in one of the following ways:

1- Via credit card on-line.

2- Via bank transfer to the following account:

Agenzia di Fabriano
IBAN : IT 43 K 01030 21100 000000414486


Deposit has to be necessarily credited before the auction deadline.
As soon as the deposit will be received, the user will be immediately allowed to bid.
In case of deposit payment via bank tranfers, in order to accelerate the participation, the user is advised to send an official proof of the deposit payment to the following address: info@gobid.es

In case participants will not award any lot, deposit will be refunded within 10 days from auction deadline, with no interests applied. 

If, in case of awarding, after deposit payment, the bidder will not comply with the payment terms, the deposit will not be refunded.

In this case the award will be given to the following best tenderer who has made an offer of equal amount higher than the reserve price, and that will not require the early repayment of the deposit.


The sale of the Lots will be realized without any burden and burden.
Despite this, all the taxes and duties relating to the award of each lot that are legally applicable, will be charged to the successful bidders, who will also have to pay notary fees, registration fees and any other relative costs with the award. Under no circumstances will the bankrupt company bear any kind of procurement expense. Furthermore, the buyer will be responsible for all the existing suspended amounts relating to the taxes on immovable property and on those taxes and expenses accrued and unpaid that are imposed on the assets. Furthermore, to guarantee the obligation on the payment of taxes on the increase in the value of the Land (plusvalia) accrued, the contractor must deposit no later than the date on which the writing of the sale or transfer of ownership will be conferred, bank check of the amount of the surplus in favor of the bankrupt company 

Lots Awarding

At the end of the auction, to users who have made the highest bid amount at or above the reserve price, you will receive an award confirmation with directions to make payments in due time.

Payment Methods

All payments have to be made exclusively by bank transfer. Account details will be indicated whether at the time of registration or  in conjunction with the awarding statement (in a private message to the user mailbox). (see General Terms and Conditions)

Payment deadline

Awarded lots have to be paid within 7 days from awarding. (see General Terms and Conditions).

Buyer's Premium has to be paid within 7 days from awarding.

Collection Conditions: 

Collection Deadline: 2
0 days from awarding



In order to optimize the collection service, GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL will inform via e-mail the users who awarded the lots about the date and time of collection.

Date and time of collection will be communicated after actual payment of amounts due related to awarded lots.  


GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL may change the date and time of collection at its sole discretion.

The user who award the lots is asked to pay costs for collection assistance.

For the day indicated for collection the user who award the lots, amounts due, where requested, are indicated in each lot webpage. Such expenses will have to be paid in conjuction with buyer's premium as indicated in the provisional awarding confirmation issued after the auction deadline.

In case the user who award the lots should need additional dates, a daily amount between 200,00 and 350,00 EUR for each operator, according to the size of the lot will be required for each additional date.

The users who awarded the lots is asked to comply with the indicated date  and time. In case the buyer will not complete collection within the indicated date and time the buyer can:

- upon authorization, ask to be admitted for collection in the following sale experiment collection date, if any.

- upon authorization, collect the lots in different/additional dates and time from the ones indicated, paying a daily amount between 200,00 and 350,00 EUR for each operator, according to the size of the lot.

Lack of compliance with a collection date agreed GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL and the user who awarded the lot, will cause the application for the latter of a fee of EUR 250,00, in case the missing collection date will not be notified within 48 hours before the appointment, in any case, without prejudice to compensation for greater damages.

All amounts asked for collection are VAT excluded. 


Lots not collected by the deadline will incur a daily charge of EUR 50,00. In case the lots will not be collected within 30 days from collection deadline,the sale will be canceled and the amount paid (Lots and Buyer's Premium) will not be refunded. GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL does not deliver lots and does not arrange for their collection or delivery. The buyer is responsible for dismantling, moving, loading and transporting the lots awarded, and in case of vehicles of transfer of property and related procedures. Moreover, GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL will not make any lots available before the payment will be received and credited.    


Additional specific terms

Buyer's Premium: A charge of 15,00% + VAT of 22% (where applicable)will be added to the price of each awarded lot.

The Buyer's Premium will have a minimum amount of 50 € (+ VAT at 22% where applicable) of each of the lots awarded or combinations as minimum commissions.

VAT: Value Added Tax at a rate of 21,00% will be calculated on the awarding price and added to it. (where applicable)


In case a winning offer will be submitted within 5 minutes before the auction deadline, the  time  to place another bid will  be extended for 5 more minutes from the last bid received. Every other winning bid submitted within 5 extra-time minutes, will extend the time for placing another bid for  5 more minutes from the last bid received and so forth.
Automatic overbids in case of maximum bid (proxy bid) are condisdered winnig bids as well.


Lots are sold as is. Viewing is reccomended.

All costs arising from the sale, will be borne by the contractor, including the costs of collection and handling, any transfer of ownership costs, notarial writing and possible cancellation of any public register of burdens on the specific well.

The sale of the goods is forced (art. 2919 c.c.) it is arranged for goods as is , in the rule of law and fact. In the forced sale it is not valid the warranty for vices. It cannot be contested for damages (Art. 2922 c.c.).

The sale occurs with obligation for the user who award the lot to check of the compliance with safety norms

Consequently the existence of any defects or lack of quality of the lots sold or differences, they cannot give rise to compensation, bonus or price reduction.

It is excluded any responisibility of the Agent about the existence of rights of third parties on the goods subject of sale (Art . 2920 Civil Code) 

In case of insurgency of  any controversy related to the interpretation of the dispositions included in the general and specific terms present in the website  translated in different languages, it will be applied the Italian language version of such texts

GOBID INTERNATIONAL AUCTION GROUP SRL disclaims any responsibility for any translation of the texts and the material published online errors.

Notice of changes in the sale's conditions

The wording “assistance costs” is replaced by “ADDITIONAL MANAGEMENT FEES”. This variation does not affect the amounts already indicated.


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