Optional Shipping Service
If you wish to use the service, the successful bidder will have to confirm it once they have received the award email at the end of the auction.
Those users interested in the shipping service are invited to contact the assistance via email or by telephone  comercial@gobid.es +39.0737 782080 to receive a cost quote, considering that these may vary depending on the weight and country of destination, as well as the extra costs that will be applied by the shipping manager and / or by Gobid, such as: fuel costs, shipping insurance, packaging service, shipment preparation, etc ...
The shipment has a maximum insured value of € 1,000 on a single shipment. In the event that the value of the lot shipped is higher than the aforementioned amount, the successful bidder who decides to use the shipping service will fully assume the risk of damages that exceed the maximum insured value.
In case of using the shipping service, the successful bidder exempts both the Principal and the Assignee from any liability from any problem that may occur in the management of the shipping service, such as loss, theft, damage, delays in delivery, etc. gross negligence of the same.

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