n.0 - Complete LotEUR 8.100,00
n.3 - Renault V.I  33FVC2-420 concrete mixer truckEUR 1.400,00
n.4 - IVECO Magirus 410E37H-4.2 concrete mixer truck  - AEUR 1.800,00
n.5 - IVECO Magirus 410E37H-4.2 concrete mixer truck - BEUR 1.300,00
n.6 - MAN 41 463 VF concrete mixer truckEUR 1.400,00
n.9 - IVECO Magirus AS260S/80 Isothermal VanEUR 1.000,00

Participation for lots indicated above requires the payment of a specific deposit, different than the basic deposit required for the auction.

The payment of at least a specific deposit will entail the participation also for the lots requiring a basic deposit.

The payment of a specific deposit will not entail participation for the other lots having as well a specific deposit.


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